Planning to grow strawberries on your garden? Start from choosing soil. Basically you can choose any soil. But the dependence between the type of soil and productivity, sure, exists.

So the best result is unchanging achieved for spodosol soils and for darkly-grey forest soils having light or medium composition. It is Important, that a depth of lie of subsoil waters was no less than 60 centimeter.

The south-west slopes, having a steepness about 2-3 degrees are the best for planting strawberry.
The process of vegetation begins before on them, the harvest of berries ripens quick. Base and reserved areas for planting of strawberry using is not recommended. If on a depth 15 – 18cm soil is the frozen to the temperature -8 degrees, – a mortal danger threatens your garden strawberry. Acidity of soil must be at the level of 5,5 – 6,5, and maintenance of humus must be at 2% and more.

The Colorado beetle – the eternal enemy of potato, does not walk around the attention a strawberry seedlings. Therefore yet before landing of strawberry, it is necessary to check soil for the presence of larvae of may-bug and wireworm. Probability of their presence in soil increases as far as approaching of territory of garden-plot to the forest bell. Critical maintenance of larvae on unit of area is 0,5 square metre. In this case you must bring ammoniac water to the soil. At the beginning of October the soil is ploughed on a depth 25 – 30 centimeter. In a winter period a wonderful measure for maintenance and multiplying humidity of soil will be retention of snow on fields. In spring the soil being harrow and before landing being cultivate on a depth 14 – 16см.

For a strawberry being fertilization depending on the results of the analysis of chemical composition of soil.

Planting and harvesting of strawberry.

Grow the best strawberries: Quality of strawberry seedlings:

In order that the harvest of strawberry gladden by plenty and quality of berries, experienced gardener recommend to use assorted and healthy preliminary seedlings, with the diameter of root neck no less 6 millimeter. The root system must be fibriled and must have a size of the sprouts of roots no less than 7 – 9 centimeter. The best sorts for planting – elite sorts or 1-th reproduction sorts. You will not make a mistake, if for planting you choose the young plants, which are dug up late in autumn and stored during all winter period at a low temperature.

The young plants of garden strawberry being planted early in spring or early autumn. It is important to be in time with the terms of planting, and conduct her so early, as far as allow possibilities of conducting of works of the fields. If to be late with the terms of the spring planting, then greater part of plants can be perished.

The autumn planting is conducted in a range from August, 10 for September, 20 – 25, after a next rain, or if there is watering possibility. A lateness of the autumn planting just as spring planting ruinously for a strawberry.

Preparation of area under a garden strawberry.
Landing of strawberry seedlings.

Before planting young plants transplants maintain in a cool place no more than 5 days. The best soil for planting – moist, but not wet. During planting you must watch, that a box with seedlings was in shade. If all is done right, a root neck must be at the same level with earth, and the root system must be located apeak. Too long roots shorten to 8 – 10 centimeter. Before this young plants must being watered. To prevent crust, right after watering, earth is mulched a humus or dry earth.

Care for strawberry after planting:
Watering strawberries must pass regularly, without the protracted interruptions. Absence of necessary humidity even during 2 weeks, can strongly reduce the productivity. It is therefore ideal to set the sprinkler system or system of drops irrigation. But at watering, as well as in everything it is needed to keep within limits. Excessive humidity negatively influences on such substantial factors, as winter stableness, stability to the morbific microorganisms.

Planting a seedlings tubers:
Spaces between rows must not overgrow weeds, and area under a strawberry must being cleared of wreckers and morbific displays. The very popular now is become by biological defence of the green planting as entomofags insects.

Harvesting strawberry
The early, medium and medium serotinous sorts of strawberry are harvested in June.