In order to enjoy fully the outcome of gardening and growing herbs in particular, it is worth to put a certain effort into this process. As well as into process of harvesting herbs and storing them right way.

First, it is crucial to choose the suitable time to harvest herbs. Inappropriate weather, such as too strong wind or intensive warmth can cause the disintegration of herbs’ vital oils. The best time for harvesting herbs is quiet moistureless early morning due to the reason that moist soil prevents herbs to produce rich amount of oil; it is done after dew has evaporated from the leaves of herbs afore the blossoming of herbs. Definitely, it is not necessary to harvest the whole herb; its part would suffice (it is advisable not to cut more than a third of a foliage for the plant to be able to re-generate it), and it can be stored for a later use. One should always remember to check insects and remove affected leaves before one harvests herbs.

It is possible to store herbs, using three techniques: freezing, drying and keeping them in a substance such as salt or vinegar. The easiest way to store herbs is, of course, to freeze them: one needs only to trim herbs into ¼ inch bits and put them on a dripping-pan in a food wrapper or frozen-food paper. After freezing, herbs can be removed from paper and stored with other plants to be used later. Another way is to dry herbs. In order to do that, one needs to tie with a ribbon six to twelve stalks together, dispose of any leaves near the roots. The bunch should be stored in a crispy obscure place. If it is necessary to store leaves separately, it is possible to keep them on a netting or a shelf, rolling them over from time to time, completely drying them out. Apart from natural drying process, it is possible to enhance it, using dryers, ovens and even microwaves, but it is definitely not the best way to dry herbs. The third option is to use substances, for instance, to store minced mint, tarragon or basil, it is possible to pour vinegar on them, and they can be kept in such state within months. Another choice is to add salt to fresh herbs, thus making aromatic salt. By the time when herb is wholly drained, part brown herbs from aromatic salt and store it air-proof boxes.

Undoubtedly, many people prefer to use herbs immediately after harvesting them. Herbs need to be washed carefully before they are used in meals. The best way to accomplish that is to place herbs in a deep dish full with fresh water, or in a sink for a bucket of herbs, then add two tablespoons of salt to remove insects from herbs. Then, herbs should be dried in a salad spinner.

Different types of herbs are used for many different uses. Each different type of herb has their own list of instructions on how to use, harvest, and chop them. Make sure into research the specific type of herb you are using to use it correctly.